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Build self-reliant industry supply chains

Virtual Hackathon 15-17 May, 2020

Begins Friday 7pm Sydney AEST, 9pm NZT

Calling all Australians and New Zealanders

Bring your openness to new ideas, creative mindset, experience and talents

Connecting up the innovation ecosystems to address our complex challenges whether you're from a start-up, industry or defence

If you are motivated to build a product or startup that serves the national interest then join the ANZDF Hack


"When times are tough, Australians and New Zealanders have always relied on the distinctive qualities of mateship, humour, ingenuity, courage and endurance to get us through. Known as the ANZAC Spirit, these five qualities have defined Australians and New Zealanders ever since the first troops landed on the beaches of Gallipoli in World War I.


In the current climate, we’re reminding Australians and New Zealanders that we all bear these qualities within us, ready to come to the fore when we need them" 


Join us virtually for two and a half days for the first Defence led, Industry Trans-Tasman hackathon.

Day 1. Form Teams & Share Ideas

Review the challenges, pitch your ideas and finalise your team. Navigate your way around and become familiar with the online workspace. 

Day 2. Design & Build

Design, build and validate a proof of concept (model, MVP or prototype) using startup-inspired methods.

Day 3. Refine & Present

Refine your proof of concept, create a video pitch or presentation and submit it to the judging panel.


  • National industry supply chains underpin our ability to mobilise and quickly respond to crisis or threat.

  • Global shocks to supply chains (e.g. Covid-19) reveal dependencies and challenges in sustained response.

  • All crises (e.g. bushfires, earthquakes and floods) require greater whole-of-nation coordination and decision support to optimally mobilise resources

  • Sovereign industry capability builds on  transparency of existing  supply chains and policy support.

  • Activating innovation ecosystems ingenuity can bring  startup agility to industry and Defence supply resilience.


How might Australia and New Zealand build self-reliant Industry supply chains that impact sovereign resilience and defence capability?

Challenge themes are under co-design between Defence and Industry subject matter experts for release ahead of the Hackathon. 


Problem statements within themes explore complexity between manufacturing revival;  supply chain management and logistics optimisation; infrastructure, economic and natural resources; enabling policies; enabling technologies.


Enabling technologies consider the application of Defence technology priorities. These include trusted autonomous vehicles; integrated Intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance; advanced sensors, hypersonics and directed energy capabilities; blockchain and smart contracts; secure cyber; space satellite constellations; quantum technologies; multidisciplinary material science and enhanced human performance.


Enabling policies consider application of sovereign industrial capability; global supply chains; Defence exports; agile contracting and procurement models; research, development and innovation incentives; foreign relations, investment and trade; and STEM education policy.


 More challenge clues to come

What to expect


You’ll be mentored by experts, learn new techniques, collaborate with others and pitch your ideas to top Defence and Industry professionals.


Work together in teams of diverse backgrounds, industries and skill sets to solve national problems of Trans-Tasman Impact.


Gain valuable experience to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Expose your talent to high profile defence collaborators and industry professionals who are looking for your help and contribution.


Prize money and prizes will be announced for submission tiers. Most importantly, shortlisted concepts will be offered inside pathways for further development and funding of their idea in Defence and Industry sectors.

#Shockproof ANZDF Hack
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ANZDF Virtual Hackathon, 15-17 May, 2020